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Sing for Hope places artist-designed pianos throughout the public spaces of NYC’s 5 boroughs each summer for anyone and everyone to play–including our youngest New Yorkers! Check out these ideas for how to help your children/students use the SFH Pianos to foster creativity.

Choose Creativity and join us for a free interactive workshop!

Tuesday, June 19th, 4:30 pm

Sing for Hope is honored to partner with the LULU & LEO FUND to use the 10 PRINCIPLES OF CREATIVITY, each of which supports resilience and success, to foster creativity in the lives of young people. Children of all ages are invited to join the Sing for Hope Youth Corps at the Sing for Hope Piano at Grand Army Plaza to use their own stories as inspiration to design and color their own SFH Pianos. We will also sing together to some of our favorite kid-friendly songs, enjoy live accompaniment on the Sing for Hope Piano, and learn a fun choreographed dance to “Can’t Stop the Feeling.”

Learn to play a song

You can help your child or student learn some piano (or learn some yourself!), whether you’ve taken a piano lesson before or not. With the help of our Sing for Hope Pianos Music Book, found at every piano, use the keyboard visual and accompanying music to learn how to play Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star!


Have a keyboard or piano? Kids don’t need to take piano lessons in order to improvise! Ask them if they can make up a 30-second song that sounds sad, and a song that sounds happy. To get started, play a few different sounds with them and ask them to describe the difference! Can they play low notes? Can they play the high notes? Can they play two notes at the same time? Which ones sound happier?

TIP: Tell them the name for what they’re doing! They’re not just playing around, they’re improvising, which is something professional artists do, especially in jazz.

Perform on an unconventional stage

Invite your child’s school class, choir, or other musical group to schedule a rehearsal or “encore” performance at a Sing for Hope Piano! Sign up for an official pop-up performance on the SFH Pianos App.

Go on a Sing for Hope Pianos scavenger hunt

Museums are great, but there’s something about noticing the art in the child’s own environment that is extra inspiring. Use this map of the 50 Sing for Hope Piano locations, or download the SFH Pianos App on your Android or iPhone! See how many pianos you can spot. (BONUS: you’ll get exercise in the process!)

TIP: Make it interactive, not passive. Talk about public art as you go: what colors do you see? Is anyone playing the piano? What does it add to that public place? Bring paper & pencil with you so your kids can draw what they see, respond to the art, or create their own version.

…. And then, CREATE public art

Ask your child to consider: what is public art? Can a sandcastle be public art? Is sidewalk chalk public art? What public art can your child create? Find a “public” place in your child’s life (e.g. your front door, the sidewalk in front of your home, or a path in the park) that could use a little color!

TIP: Come up with an intention for the piece (e.g. welcoming kids home from school, and parents home from work) and a medium (e.g. sidewalk chalk), and then get to work!



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Help Us Keep Hope Alive in Our Communities

Your gift brings the transformative power of the arts to communities in need.

Sing for Hope is a registered 501(c)(3)
charitable organization (EIN 01-0856384).


  • The International Foundation for Arts and Culture
    (Dr. Haruhisa Handa, Chairman, Sing for Hope Global Patron)
  • The Arnhold Foundation in loving memory of Sissy and Henry Arnhold
  • The Thea Petschek Iervolino Foundation
  • The Anna-Maria & Stephen Kellen Foundation
  • Ann Ziff

Sing for Hope is supported, in part, by the National Endowment for the Arts, the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of the Office of the Governor and the New York State Legislature, by public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council, and by the Fan Fox and Leslie R. Samuels Foundation.


Unitex is a founding sponsor of Open Arts

Sing for Hope is a registered 501(c)(3) charitable organization (EIN 01-0856384). A copy of our most recently filed financial report is available from the Charities Registry on the New York State Attorney General’s website ( or, upon request, by contacting the New York State Attorney General, Charities Bureau, 28 Liberty Street, New York, NY 10005, or Sing for Hope at 99 Wall Street #1812, New York, NY 10005. You also may obtain information on charitable organizations from the New York State Office of the Attorney General at or (212) 416-8401.

Our mission is “art for all” – we actively engage those with special physical or intellectual needs. Both our office and our SFH Pianos Studio at 28 Liberty are ADA compliant, as are our partner sites.

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