Artist Statement: I tried to explain flowing of Flowers with Crystal clear water. Oyster shells as an ear which whisper your sounds and heart. Glove as Flower heads which is born new petal as source of music is born. I hope the piano players and my paint piano teamwork produce more beautiful and harmony Art can make people happy and joy. My life is with Music.
  • 2019

水中花〜Pearl Flower〜


Miho Hiranouchi

Miho Hiranouchi is a painter. Born in Tokyo. Since her childhood, she has loved all the things that exist in nature and the earth. In particular, Miho has a deep love for flowers. She loves them all, in every stage of their existence. They are emotion, they are impermanent and they exist in a state of perpetual decay, just as we do. At the height of their beauty they are alive and blossoming. When they begin to die they remind her of herself and of the nature of life, which is beautiful and short. There is beauty in decay, not only in the physical form, but also in how it reminds us to be free and take advantage of the time we have. Fade, fade, fade, but do not disappear live again in canvas. Energetic, electric, and full of feeling, Miho’s work vibrates with a keen personal vision of nature. she maintains a playful spirit that belies the complexity of her sophisticated color harmonies. Impressively, she is able to achieve full formal control alongside directly expressive power.

Public Location

Van Cortlandt House Museum (June 3 - 23, 2019)

Permanent Home

P.S. 49 Willis Avenue School (Delivered Fall 2019)

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