Artist Statement: I named my piano “Basant Utsav”(Spring Festival). The Art style is based on a folk art coming from North India, called Kangda style. I showed a woman playing drums, a symbol of celebration of Spring with dance and music, surrounded by beautiful bushes with lots of flowers and some ancient castles. Two swans are also painted as the symbol of romanticism, enjoying the weather in a pond with the bloom of water lilies. I believe I am adding more beauty to the world with my creation/ by painting this piano. Wherever it will go, people will be able to feel the beauty and freshness of spring, even if their days have been cloudy. I have already heard other artists saying that, “I feel like going on those hills. I love your fantasy world” That’s a great compliment and that is what I wanted to achieve, a smile on everyone’s face and happiness in their hearts. I love to see the shine in others eyes after seeing this piano. This piano project has been the best project of my life so far.
  • 2019

Basant Utsav (Celebration of Spring)

Available: Open Daily • Hours: 8AM - 8PM
SFH Piano can be found on the ground floor of the North Wing in the middle of the building above the center stairs.


Alpana Mittal "Têjaswini"

Têjaswini is a versatile artist with creations in multiple mediums. She has successfully experimented with water, oil, acrylics, and even beads on canvas. Her specialty is creating artwork revolving around the modernization of traditional themes including, ancient Indian romanticism, folklores, and legends. Born into an art-loving family, Alpana was exposed to art and its appreciation from early childhood. She chose “Fine Arts” as her major and has an M.F.A. from CCS University, India. She also has an “Arts Management” diploma from New York University. Her major contribution to the World of Art is her creation using beads on canvas. In these artworks she has taken a play toy for children and created very mature artwork from it, she has named the series as “Dream Reflections”. The artist is currently expanding her body of figurative oil paintings that express the quintessential role of the women she was surrounded by back home and their importance to the functioning of everyday life.

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Port Authority Bus Terminal (Summer 2021 - Present)

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This Sing for Hope Piano was made possible in part by The Port Authority Bus Terminal.