Artist Statement: “Flower Make Pretty’ is an homage to the simple beauty of life that can save your day and turn a frown upside down.
  • 2022

Flower Make Pretty


Noah Church

Noah Church has been haunting the streets of New Orleans for the past 15 years making his home the Crescent City since 2008.  After leaving Louisville, Kentucky, and traveling the country with a general sense of adventure and optimism he eventually landed in the swampy port town only to fall helplessly in love with the life-giving music of the city. Sensing a symbiotic relationship between the Vieux Carrie and his personal sense of creative expression, Noah immersed himself in the DIY parade culture and street performing aspects of the multi-faceted dynamics of New Orleans. Being a jack-of-all-arts Noah has never settled on being labeled as just one type of artist. Instead, he tends to mix and match all artistic disciplines such as painting, muraling, costume, dance, poster art, float construction, busking, clowning, and community organizing all into one big jambalaya mixing pot of life-celebration-stew.  One of Noah’s main aspirations for his “life-as-art” is the continuation of creating and facilitating experiences to help liberate all souls as a ‘thank-you’ to the musicians and music of New Orleans that has helped him continue to set his spirit free.

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The Green Project Store (March 2022)

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