Artist Statement: This Sing for Hope Piano Is painted In memory of the legendary harmonica player J.D. Hill.
  • 2022

For the Love of J.D.


Jai Love

Jai Love, A.K.A. The Dreaded Pirate Robertzz(DPR), is a traveling painter/Graffiti artist that specializes In a triple layer pochoir painting technique. He starting painting as a hood rat on the streets of Eugene, Oregon, but when he found New Orleans in 2015, it was love at first sight. With spray paint and stencils, he claims that this world is his Canvas, and he is here to paint beauty! You can find available art peices on his Instagram, and the Dreaded Pirate Robertzz has Graffiti all over the United States! Jai’s art style is inspired by Andy Warhol, Banksy, and Jackson Pollock.

Piano History

Public Location

Bar Redux (March 2022)

Permanent Home

To be announced.