Artist Statement: Painting red cowboy hats has become a signature of mine. Seeing a black person as a cowboy is powerful, especially in a red hat. Red seems to be a strong color the way it catches the eyes so quickly.
  • 2022

Fruitful Sounds


Trenity Thomas

Trenity Thomas is a self-taught photographer who has also experimented with painting and sketching since grade school. Growing up watching his mom crafting and painting ignited his view on art. As a photographer, he has worked in a myriad of genres including fashion, lifestyle, editorial, conceptual, sports, portraiture, and nightlife photography. As a photographer, Trenity uses his camera to capture the life and composition of still life around him. His photographs have a warmth to them that pulls the viewer into the scene as if they were present – a feature that has become characteristic of his photographic style.

Piano History

Public Location

Mike's Food Store, New Orleans (March 2022)

Permanent Home

To be announced.