Artist Statement: The ancient Greeks promoted the concept of catharsis, of coming together through the arts for emotional release. This idea was central to their concept of well-being. By helping people, especially young people, move past trauma and find commonality, the arts cultivate our collective soul. So much has been lost over these past months, and we are at risk of losing a generation of children if we don’t provide safe spaces for their emotional as well as physical recovery. We must act quickly and intentionally to show them that we care, that the world welcomes them, that they are the architects of their next chapter, which can be colorful and beautiful and inspiring.
  • 2022

Peace is the Answer



Sing for Hope Project Leader Peter Herr, a.k.a. Momoshi, was born in Hungary, and raised in Africa, Germany, and Spain. He has worked as an artist since the early 2000‘s, with a focus on multimedia and dynamic public art. Selected highlights include Momoshi Style Hostel (City Hostel Nuremberg-Fuerth, Germany); daily digital artwork project Momoshidrops; murals for Art Museum Kumudori in Wemding; animation (Momoshi Space Race) for Glanzlichter Festival, Fuerth/ Germany; Sing for Hope Piano in Wolfsburg, Autostadt for the Global Social Business Summit; “Kiss Me“ murals in Spain and Germany; virtual reality designs and applications for market research company GFK; Momoshi Streetwear; and more. As Sing for Hope Project Leader for Europe, Peter is focused on guiding Sing for Hope’s current creative art activations that uplift, inspire, and support refugee populations.

Public Location

City Hostel Nürnberg-Fürth-Erlangen

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