Artist Statement: I was invited by Pianola Pianos and Sing for Hope to create a piano for the New Orleans Anti-State Choir, which is a place in our community where we can go to scream-sing about the issues that affect us the most such as poverty, inequality, hunger, and access to proper healthcare. I created a scene with dark purple silhouetted people holding up protest signs on an expansive and windy background of a sunset with whispy clouds. I created the scene to inspire hope in the members of my community, remind them to always speak up, and to add even more life, beauty, and music to my neighborhood.
  • 2022

The People United


Luna Fox

Luna Fox is an emerging, up-and-coming artist currently based out of New Orleans. She is originally from Houston, Texas, but has spent the last ten years traveling across the US and refining her painting and drawing skills. She has showed her art at various underground warehouse shows and music venues in Austin, Denver, and New Orleans. She draws the inspiration for her style from art nouveau and impressionism masters such as Gustav Klimpt, Alphonse Mucha, and Edgar Degas, as well as contemporary artists such as David Choe, Marco Mazzoni, and Hieu Nguyen. She draws the inspiration for her subject matter from her own personal experiences in the LGBT community, her love for art history, and navigating an increasingly chaotic and ever-changing world as a young adult. Luna currently spends most of her time creating watercolor paintings for varying clients, patrons, and small businesses in her own signature style: a contemporary twist on art nouveau. Her style is comprised of organic lines, soft pastels, and lush florals which make for a summery and dreamy feel.

Public Location

Clouet Gardens

Permanent Home

Ironrail Collective

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