Artist Statement: The aim of my piano design is to bring joy and warmth to the community where it is placed. As New Yorkers we are often starved for nature, and in the winter months for color. The tropical design I have proposed is based on images and colors that remind me of my childhood. I was born in Singapore and spent my early years in Asia. The flowers and birds of this design are based on my two years in Thailand (1st and 2nd grade), which are some of my fondest memories. The aim of the design is to incorporate bright colors, warm feelings, nature and some whimsy to the ordinarily plain piano. I believe this concept will connect with the community in two ways. Firstly, the natural aspect and bright colors will break up the sometime monotonous city scape. Secondly, because New York City is a melting pot, I believe there may be other New Yorkers with similar backgrounds who will smile at the reminder of a home base or childhood spent in the tropics. The main connection will be of course the colors, fun design and little lizards running to and fro which I hope will bring a smile to everyone’s face!
  • 2019

Tropical Dreams


Joanne Agabs

Public Location

Permanent Home

M. S. 907

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