Artist Statement: I’m an abstract artist, and much of my work has morphed into a “fluid art” style. Most recently, I’ve been designing items to decorate homes – such as serving trays, coasters, tables, and wall art. The idea of painting a piano at first seemed impossible with my style, but I was inspired to apply anyway – using one of my “fluid art” designs from a previous set of coasters I designed. I wondered how would I be able to control the very liquidy consistency of paint without destroying a piano. After submitting my template design to Sing for Hope, we set up a call to discuss the logistics of executing the style. I imagined the project would take a couple of days to complete, and to my surprise – the sanding, priming, painting, and designing of the piano stretched into six days, reaching approximately 30 working hours. It was one of my most amazing painting experiences to date!
  • 2020

Underwater Tune


Danielle M. Chèry

DMC Original Art by Danielle M. Chèry presents an evocative exploration of planet Earth’s color palette, striving to inspire humankind through inventive and experimental work. DMC Original Art is mostly inspired by an endless desire to experience peace and freedom. Danielle is a self-taught artist and has been painting since 2012. She works with acrylics, oils, spray paints, and epoxy resin. Her signature style tends to include gold accents and added materials to incorporate a sense of texture, which symbolizes bringing the art to life, and to light. DMC Original Art is a developing home decor line. Learn more by visiting

Public Location

Hudson Yards (December 1, 2020 - January 15, 2021)

Permanent Home

Business Technology Early College High School (Delivered Winter 2021)

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