• 2013



Zipper 8 Lighting

Zipper 8 Lighting was born at Allison’s living room coffee table in 2011. Born and bred in New York City and friends since the age of five, we have been making and creating things together for a long time. Allison has a background in architecture, and Elizabeth in Broadway costume design, so we see our asthetic as a result of this combined experience. Zipper 8 Lighting is a labor of love in which every light is handcrafted by us, in our studio. We hope our lights will engage and surprise our customers, as they pass from our hands to your rooms. Your unique Zipper 8 Lighting light is hand crafted by the two of us in out tiny Manhattan studio, which functions as a design lab, manufacturing plant and shipping facility. Some days you’ll find us scouring bookstores for old books and maps and marveling at our city’s architecture, other days you’ll find us assembling lights in the studio or designing new products together. We always break for a pot of tea, and for a snuggle with Basel, our security dog and product tester.

Piano History

Public Location

ASPEN Ideas Festival (2013, 2015)

Permanent Home

Ross Montessori School (Delivered Fall 2013)

This Sing for Hope Piano was made possible in part by Chobani.