Artist Statement: This special Sing for Hope Piano celebrates Sing for Hope’s mission of creating a better world through the arts.
  • 2020

Vibrantly Colored


Imani Shanklin Roberts

Imani Shanklin Roberts is a Washington, DC native currently based in New York. Roberts earned a BFA/MS in Art Education upon graduating from Pratt Institute in 2014. Roberts is a mother and current admissions officer at Pratt Institute. As an artist and enthused educator who peels apart topics on race, gender, and identity, she seeks to create and facilitate socially responsive work that encourages ideas of self-realized lib liberation. Using the traditional mediums of oil paint on canvas, she has entered the realm of the arts once dominated by a ruling minority to express the language of the oppressed and unheard. She draws inspiration from her experience and follows the legacy of African Diasporan artists that have visually explored identity using figures and identifiable color choices to depict their worlds in truth.

Piano History

Public Location

Hudson Yards (December 1, 2020 - January 15, 2021)

Permanent Home

Amani Public Charter School (Delivered Winter 2021)

This Sing for Hope Piano was made possible in part by Hudson Yards and SAP