Artist Statement: In tribute to American pianist and composer Zenobia Powell Perry, my Sing for Hope Piano is titled “Z.P. Puffs.” Zenobia composed a wide range of music, from piano pieces to an opera. The graphic color scheme was inspired by piano keys and my memories of learning to read sheet music. The “Puff Notes” allow me to share my signature illustration style. “Puffs” began as doodles inspired by natural hair and have become a staple in my work. 
  • 2022

Z.P. Puffs


Micheala Angelena

Micheala Angelena is a multimedia artist from St. Louis, Missouri. After receiving her Bachelor’s from Fisk University in Nashville, Tennessee, Micheala held her first solo exhibition titled Beauty Supply. This show led her to launch the art shop and creative house, DrawnLovely. Micheala’s work celebrates Black Beauty through portraiture and illustration. 

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