Mars and Lil Nas X - M&M'S®

From, by Becca Wood:

A new purple M&M has joined the bag!

"Purple" is the chocolate candy's first-ever female peanut M&M and its newest character for the first time in a decade, the brand announced Wednesday, Sept. 28.

With the new spokescandy working to "help more people feel they belong," Purple made her debut with a new song called "I'm Just Gonna Be Me," featuring an accompanying music video.

Purple’s musical entrance into the candy world “celebrates all voices, encouraging people around the world to embrace their authentic selves,” M&M's shared.

The video begins with Purple sitting in her dressing room preparing to perform, questioning if she's capable of her new role as the newest M&M's spokescandy. After getting up the nerve to hit the stage, Purple doesn't even realize she's performing her new song to the world.

"I'm just gonna be me/I'm just gonna be me/Nothing else I can be but a purple-y, peanut-shaped chocolate candy," Purple belted out.

For each song stream, which is available on all major streaming platforms, M&M's will donate $1, up to $500,000, to Sing for Hope, a nonprofit organization that brings music and creative outlets to people across the world in an effort to create healing and equity in the arts.

M&M's has been teasing a major announcement over recent weeks, including in an Instagram story on Tuesday, Sept. 27, which reveals the outline of Purple, among other classic M&M shapes.

M&M revealed the outline of its new purple chocolate candy in an Instagram story on Tuesday, Sept. 27.
M&M revealed the outline of its new purple chocolate candy in an Instagram story on Tuesday, Sept. 27.mmschocolate on Instagram

The news comes after M&M's revealed a new partnership with Lil Nas X, which features limited-edition M&M's packaging and candies that feature the rapper's face, butterflies and hearts in light pink, purple and blue. The pack reads, "Long Live Montero," in reference to Lil Nas' latest album.

M&M's will donate $5, up to an additional $100,000, to Sing for Hope for every pack purchased.

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