Saturday Series Songwriting Workshop

Our most recent Saturday Series Songwriting Workshop was led by Volunteer Artist Neil Davis. Below he shares some of his thoughts and experiences volunteering with Sing for Hope.

Thank you for sharing your art, Neil!

What prompted you to volunteer your time and talent?
Growing up in the arts, I understand how important it is to have access to classes, mentors, and teachers in the field. I also know how important it is to learn about the music/performing industry from people who are actually in it, because they’re really living it. I’ve been following Sing for Hope’s activities and programs since 2011 and I was flattered when they reached out and asked me to conduct a songwriting workshop. I really love the sense of community they provide, and the creative services they offer.

What are your thoughts on your experience?
My experience was phenomenal. As a singer/songwriter with a background in the music business, I wanted to bring as much knowledge and real life experience to such young and talented individuals. I graduated from the Frank Sinatra School of the Arts High School, where we had access to music teachers and arts programs. Since then, I’ve realized how important it is to offer arts programs in schools because it’s such an outlet. I like what Sing for Hope is doing with the workshops because it offers a different angle and a different perspective on the arts industry. It’s important to learn the business side, and the behind the scenes side – and I’m finding that young people want to learn more and more about it. I’ve been practicing and performing in my craft for over a decade and always want to learn more from people who are experienced in the field. I know what it’s like to have an idea, or a passion – but not know how to get “there” exactly. So, to be of any help or inspiration is completely rewarding. Besides all of that, I was able to exercise my public speaking and group communication skills. I also learned more about my teaching skills and how to conduct a workshop!

To learn more about Neil Davis, visit his website at HTTP://WWW.NEILDAVISMUSIC.COM/.

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