#SummerOfPurpose feat. Laquita Mitchell & More

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This week, as the UN celebrates its 75th anniversary, join Sing for Hope and great friends from the United Nations, Grameen Creative Lab, Yunus Centre, and organizations around the world for #SummerOfPurpose, live-streaming from Munich.
We’re excited to listen and learn from great panels and breakout sessions including “No Going Back: An African American Artistic View on Equity and Inclusion in the Arts,” presented by brilliant Sing for Hope Project Leader, Soprano Laquita Mitchell (http://www.laquitamitchell.org/), with stellar panelists Lester Lynch, Baritone (http://www.lesterlynch.com/); Kenneth Overton, Baritone (https://www.kennethoverton.com/); Derrell Acon, Baritone (http://derrellacon.com/); Ken Kellogg, Bass (http://www.kennethkellogg.com/); Gordon Hawkins, Baritone (http://gordon-hawkins-baritone.com/about/); and Kevin Short, Bass Baritone (http://www.kevin-short.com/).
Join the conversation at www.summerofpurpose.com
From left to right: Laquita Mitchell, Michael Møller, Prof. Dr. Mary Robinson.