The Fan Fox & Leslie R Samuels Foundation Award Research Grant

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With support from the Fan Fox & Leslie R Samuels Foundation, Sing for Hope researched the current state of delivering quality arts and cultural experiences to older adults in long-term care facilities. We also looked at how that delivery process might be enhanced through our Healing Arts programming. Additionally, the research sought to explore collaborations between SFH and various stakeholders in order to build more extensive program support.

While research findings are presented from pre-COVID-19 and current COVID-19 perspectives, recommendations going forward consider a world in which current health guidelines are permanently in place for institutionalized older adults and where the dependence on digital proficiency and virtual events is a necessity. This transformation will depend on support from all community stakeholders, including vendors and other for-profit health service providers. Institutionalized seniors already struggle to maintain a sense of belongingness to their community, family, and friends. COVID-19 has greatly exacerbated their disengagement from society. Sing for Hope will work to reduce this marginalization by offering creative interventions that encourage social interactions.

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