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Sing for Hope

Creative Workforce Development

Sing for Hope’s Creative Workforce Development program is our signature “power source” that courses through all of our programming, developing and directing cultural workers to build happier, healthier communities locally and globally. The program trains and supports artists as creative placemakers in their communities, delivering increased connection, wellbeing, safety, and economic development. Sing for Hope’s Creative Workforce Development reframes the value proposition of the arts for the post-pandemic era with innovative public-private partnerships that extend our creative industry beyond traditional theatrical and museum models. Working with individuals and groups, Sing for Hope’s Creative Workforce Development program benefits multiple stakeholders and provides system-wide impact.

I cannot overstate the emotional impact these performances have had, first during the height of the pandemic and now with the raging war between the country of my birth (Russia) and the country of my ancestors (Ukraine). and how it’s helped us all cope and bond emotionally. For these two hours we hold on to each other and nothing more needs to be said.