Artist Statement: My design is inspired by my love for art and music. As a creator who experiences synesthesia, my art work responds to discoveries found when I create music. I wanted to create a fun design that people of all ages could play and that also captures the eye with vivid colors from afar. The squiggly lines represent how sine waves flow in and through space in my head. Stripes are variations of blended square waves. The circles represents the patterns of ambient effects I sometimes hear in music often mirrored by woodwind instruments or droplets. The colors I used suggest the intensity of different frequency levels. I chose this title because I think many people who may want to play on this piano in a public space may not know how to play very well. This design says, aside from my intended meaning, that no matter the odds, you need to be confident! So, I am proposing a loud piece and I would like the opportunity to create it. I hope that if my design is chosen, for one of the very few grand baby pianos you might have, people will want to play loudly for all to hear!
  • 2017

LOUD, so Hope can hear it!


Manon Casimir

I am an emerging artist and music creator born the day before Christmas in 1985. As a child I was always creative but never thought I could be an artist professionally because of what others around me told me. Growing up in Canarsie, Brooklyn, going into an unconventional career was unheard of. After a pile of straight A’s and a few B’s and starting college at 16, I decided to become a teacher. I taught general education for about 6 years before I decided to pursue a career in the arts. It didn’t take me long to realize that of all the children I taught, I was and am my hardest student. As for personal interests, I love music, dancing, food, traveling, nature, creating, and being barefoot. I hope to someday be able to travel the world and explore different cultures and areas full of rich biodiversity!

Public Location

Sunset Park (June 5 - 25, 2017)

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