Artist Statement: My vision is warm technicolor moss and vines growing through our urban landscape. A harmonious merging and collaboration between nature and human led design. The pattern is whimsical and fun, and the warm harmonious colors will bring joy to all who walk by, calling them in to play the Sing for Hope Piano or just dance along.
  • 2023

Mother Vines


Arianna Santoriello
Arianna is an abstract artist with an affinity for saturated colors, repetitive patterns, and organic symmetrical shapes. She was born and raised in New York City by two creative parents. Influences of her mother’s connection to fabric and patterns and her father’s structured architectural mind can be seen clearly in her work. Arianna received a Bachelors degree in Fine Arts and continued her education to receive a second Bachelors degree in Textile Development and Marketing. In the past few years the focus of Arianna’s art career has been working with real estate groups in NYC, creating large custom artwork for lobbies and hallways of new construction residential projects, and working as a freelance weaver, creating custom handwoven samples for interior design clients. Arianna is inspired by the nature of the creative process, the waves of emotion people surf through on a daily basis and the routines and rituals that structure their daily lives. She sees the structure that is created, not as an attempt to control the world around everyone but as a way to marry an internal vision and aspirations to the experiences, societies, cultures, and natural surroundings. From a young age Arianna was creating a colorful mess with the materials around her. Her childhood bedroom walls were painted with nail polish, and she often created collages from collections of single body parts cut from magazines. This systematic way of allowing the process of organization to dictate her creative process, continues years later in Arianna’s art practice. The first thing people notice about Arianna’s work is her harmonious use of saturated colors. She has an absolute command of color in both formal design and emotional expression. She has developed a unique method of creating colorful patterns in her artwork. In order to relinquish some control, Arianna uses series of digits in phone numbers and other collected personal data to dictate the placement of shapes and colors in her work. By doing this she opens up space in her creative process for mystery to arrive. She also has a love of recycled material that is both environmental and inspirational. She enjoys having the nature of her medium inform the flow and form of her abstract expressions. Arianna continues to create her colorful shapes and patterns from her studio in Brooklyn, New York.

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Queens County Farm Museum

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