Artist Statement: This piano is inspired by the people that bring music to New York’s streets and parks and by my childhood memories of Tompkins Square park in the summer. In the evenings my father would bring my sister and I to the park and we’d stay out late playing basketball or running through the sprinklers with other kids. Always in the background there was music and an endless parade of people who were as unique as the types of instruments they played, and though their faces have faded from my memories the ambiance they created remains with me.
  • 2019

The Music In Our Park


Clementine Martinez

I am an illustrator and storyteller born in New York City and currently living in Brooklyn. My favorite thing about living in New York is experiencing it’s cultural diversity. We have people, food, music, and languages from all over the world here. Another thing I enjoy about this city is the amount of free things that there are available to do. From concerts and movies to free days at museums, New York’s parks and cultural institutions continue to belong to all of us. The diversity of all of our creative contributions in return help keep New York City a unique place. It is the abundance of ideas which can be found here that always keeps me inspired as an artist. together. They give us the opportunity to indulge in each other’s creative potential, and we get at least a glimpse of what’s possible when we make ourselves available to our communities.

Piano History

Public Location

La Plaza de Las Americas (June 3 - 23, 2019)

Permanent Home

PS 6X The West Farms School (Delivered Fall 2019)