• 2021

The Sight of Music


Bridget Wendt

“I have always had a love of nature and a desire to capture the emotional connection of my subjects. For as long as I can recall, I have had an inherent desire to create. I work in all mediums from pencil to paint and my interests are as varied as my array of subject matter, from realism to the abstract.

I am currently the Pre K-5 visual arts instructor with the Lake County School District, FL I love helping my students find the beauty of bringing their ideas, thoughts and feelings into a visual creation.

When I am not drawing, I am an avid tap dancer, I am active in community theater, enjoy running and I am very interested in living and promoting a healthy lifestyle. I am constantly looking to live in better harmony with nature and with the world around me.”

Piano History

Public Location


Permanent Home

Clermont Elementary School (Delivered Fall 2021)