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The Sing for Hope Pianos


Program Dates

  1. Launch Event

    July 1, 2024
  2. First Day of Public Play

    July 1, 2024
  3. Last Day of Public Play

    September 8, 2024

Public Sites

  • 1
    Unity Makes Strength
    Le 360 Paris - Ǎbi Restaurant
    Le 360 Paris - Ǎbi Restaurant, 32 Rue Myrha, 75018 Paris, FR
  • 2
    L’autre rive (The other shore)
    Les Canaux
    Les Canaux, 6 Quai de la Seine, 75019 Paris, FR

About this Program

As the City of Lights prepares to host the 2024 Olympics and Paralympics, Sing for Hope is thrilled to add a vibrant musical dimension to the global celebration of sport, culture, and unity. For two weeks, Westfield Forum des Halles will become an artistic hub as renowned artists Naderson Saint Pierre and Linéda Buffa create their own Sing for Hope Pianos.

The completed Sing for Hope Pianos, titled “Unity Makes Strength” by Naderson Saint Pierre and “L’autre rive” ("The Other Shore") by Linéda Buffa, will be unveiled on July 1st at two iconic Parisian locations:

Unity Makes Strength” will grace the breathtaking heights of Le 360 Paris - Ǎbi Restaurant (32 Rue Myrha, 75018 Paris, France), inviting visitors to add their musical touch to the panoramic city views.

L’autre rive” (“The Other Shore”) will find its home at the picturesque Les Canaux (6 Quai de la Seine, 75019 Paris, France), offering a vibrant melody along the Seine River.

These Sing for Hope Pianos will add more than just visual charm. They will be an open invitation for Parisians and visitors alike to experience the joy of live music. Everyone is encouraged to play and add their melodies to the city’s vibrant soundscape, where they will be open for public play from July 1st through September 8th.

Sing for Hope Pianos, created with passion and purpose, reflect the spirit of Paris this summer, promoting connection and well-being for all. Join us in celebrating creativity and community as these living works of art become a part of the Parisian landscape.

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The Sing for Hope Pianos

From the Bronx to Beirut, the Sing for Hope Pianos program is a global arts initiative that creates artist-designed pianos; places them in public spaces for anyone and everyone to enjoy; then transports and activates them year-round in permanent homes in schools, hospitals, transit hubs, refugee camps, and community-based organizations. Sing for Hope has provided more pianos for under-resourced public schools than any other organization in the world.

The Sing for Hope Pianos
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Frequently Asked Questions

This is the most important question of all, and the answer is a resounding Yes! The Sing for Hope Pianos are for everyone and anyone to enjoy. Have a seat and play — it’s all yours!