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Creative Crisis Response
Youth participants work collaboratively in Sing for Hope Creative Hope for Refugees programming.

Creative Crisis Response

Sing for Hope’s Creative Crisis Response program uses the creative arts to heal, soothe, and inspire individuals affected by crises. For example, our Creative Hope for Refugees program was launched in 2018 at Skaramagas Camp in Athens, Greece, in partnership with El Sistema Greece, and funded by a six-figure grant by an anonymous European foundation. The program is grounded in the belief, championed by the International Rescue Committee, that refugees (and, in particular, refugee youth) are aided in their readjustment and recovery process through access to creative arts and expressive play. Through the program, SFH is providing a safe space, literally and metaphorically, to nurture refugee youth’s social-emotional development through the arts. Creative arts programming has been proven to counter the effects of prolonged stress and suffering. We at SFH are honored to continue to expand our creative programming that addresses migration integration, a key crisis of our era.

Program Highlights

  • 415 children under the age of 18 of European, Middle Eastern, and North African origin have collaborated in the brainstorming, design, and creation of new Sing for Hope Pianos, for a total of 14 sites in 10 cities
  • Sing for Hope Creative Hope workshops have been held in these cities: Nuremberg, Prague, Bucharest, Chișinău, Turin, Porto, Lisbon, Senya Beraku, Istanbul, Athens
  • The students performed the 2023 HandaHarmony Song Contest’s award-winning anthem, “United” a song of hope, written by two teens, championing the Sustainable Development Goals and a just, equitable future for all.



"Thank you for creating this opportunity for our children. After the first day of the workshop, my son told me that he wanted to sleep in his Sing for Hope T-shirt from now on."
Masha, (from Bucha), mother of a 7-year-old participant in SFH’s Creative Hope Program, Chisinau
"We can just draw out our feelings, draw out the situation we have been in."
Mia, (from Kiev), age 14, Nuremburg, Germany