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Creative Placemaking
Sing for Hope “Fab 5” quintet at Moynihan Train Hall

Creative Placemaking

Sing for Hope’s Creative Placemaking program leverages the power of the arts to drive social cohesion, public health, and wellbeing. For example, our Quality of Commute program reaches thousands of people a day at partner sites including Union Station, Port Authority Bus Terminal, Oculus World Trade Center, Newark Liberty International Airport, and Moynihan Train Hall, delivering top-tier live arts experiences in highly trafficked public spaces. Building upon Sing for Hope’s pandemic-era role as one of the country’s leading employers of freelance musicians, the program shifts the landscape for artist employment through our innovative public-private funding model and reframes the commuting experience in urban centers.

Program Highlights

  • Sing for Hope programming reaches thousands of people a day, delivering top-tier arts experiences in highly trafficked public spaces.
  • Sing for Hope is the official musical partner of Moynihan Train Hall, the busiest transit hub in the Western Hemisphere.
  • Sing for Hope has been chosen as “cultural animator in residence” at Union Station in Washington D.C., charged with curating vibrant musical programming that welcomes commuters and highlights DC’s great musical community.



"I just wanted to reiterate how much the Sing For Hope experience has enhanced the Moynihan Train Hall experience. Travelers stop in their tracks to record the beautiful music that you produce. I’ve witnessed it. On any given day 30,000 people can travel through the facility. I’m sure you’ve all made an impact on many of them."
Patrick J. Calcagno, General Manager, Moynihan Train Hall
"Our customers come up to buy tickets, and they congratulate us on the music. It’s soothing, and it even calms the kids down. The musicians ask us for our requests, so I get to take people’s tickets while listening to Frank Sinatra! It’s a treat. People comment on it all the time, saying this is a turnaround. It’s a beautiful thing."
Ian Mitchell, Ticket Clerk, Long Island Rail Road
"For two years I have listened to Sing for Hope at Moynihan Train Hall, and I have greatly appreciated all the concerts -- Classical, Jazz, and Contemporary. During this time, I havee dealt with medical issues and found that music always has the power to lighten my day and help me forget my problems. I just had the privilege to hear Sing for Hope musicians play at Union Station in DC, and the music was wonderful. Thanks for all your work and music."
Passenger, Moynihan Train Hall and Union Station
"With Sing for Hope, I’ve been able to make music with my incredible colleagues once again, and to earn income - plus, we get to feel these seismic waves of gratitude and emotion from our listeners . . . It has provided real and tangible feelings of hope."
SFH Artist Partner Philip Payton, Award-Winning Violinist, at the Javits Vaccination Center, 2021