Artist Statement: I love the idea behind the program, I think that creating public art that can not only serve as a collective exhibit but that can live in spaces beyond that and keep inspiring people everyday is so amazing. I love music and I love inspiring the youth and this seems like the perfect project to combine both passions.
  • 2021

In My Feelings



Founded in 2018 by Aldo Chacon, Gooey is a Los Angeles-based multidisciplinary design studio focusing on public art, product, graphic, environmental, and furniture design, and artwork. Aldo is a multidisciplinary designer and artist from Mexico City. He is a self-taught artist that started as a photographer in the advertising and editorial industry working for clients such as Adidas, Spotify, Nike, Gatorade, Epson, and Lifewtr amongst others. The studio has a successful track record of urban-sited and integrated public artworks in multiple cities with municipal, non-profit, and private clients. The studio has also completed public art plans for arts agencies. As a design studio, Gooey has participated in architecturally integrated projects situated in public parks and public spaces. The work expands beyond the design of public spaces to the integration of artworks in everyday objects like cars, furniture, clothing, and household products. As an artist, Gooey believes that everyone should have access to art. His goal is to create art in unexpected spaces, and everyday objects to find the accidental audience. He believes a city should be an immersive, interactive experience and that art can change how people treat our community.

Public Location

Beverly Gardens Park (August 6 - September 6, 2021)

Permanent Home

George Washington Carver Middle School (Delivered Fall 2021)

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