Artist Statement: I have a deep appreciation for piano and took lessons when I was young. I also love art, which allows me to express myself being the only child. During the time of pandemic, it gave me a reason to spend more time in my garden with my succulents. Succulents inspire me with their amazing colors, variety of shapes, and how they are resilient and well adapted to their environment. They remind us that even in difficult circumstances, we could still thrive and flourish. In my design for Sing for Hope Piano, I want to share positivity and beauty on things that I am passionate about with the public. In supporting Sing for Hope’s mission, I too believe combining music and art is a brilliant idea to connect, to heal, and to bring people together.
  • 2021

Succulent Garden


Laishan Mui Ito

Laishan Mui Ito is an artist, graphic designer, and scientific illustrator based in Los Angeles. She graduated from Art Center College of Design with a Bachelor’s degree of Fine Arts in Graphic Design. She has worked for the University of California Riverside Entomology Department and the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County Entomology Department as a scientific illustrator for research and publications. When Laishan is not designing in front of the computer, her choice of media includes stippling with pen and ink or painting with acrylic. With her graphic design disciplines and usage of vibrant colors, Laishan applies her skills to municipal commissioned public art and beautification projects throughout the cities. Some of her works can be seen across many communities such as the City of Azusa, Burbank, Glendale, and Sherman Oaks.

Public Location

Beverly Hills City Hall (August 6 - September 6, 2021)

Permanent Home

Dorris Place Elementary School (Delivered Fall 2021)

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