Artist Statement: I have chosen the Common Loon as my animal of choice and a hint of the snake. The woman will be looking down at the player. The player will complete the piece due to its composition and create a scene that the player is one with art as the woman has gathered with the Coomon Loons listening to the melody. The Common Loon has a very melancholic unique song. It has been claimed that some individuals cry when listening to it because of its beauty. My design will be a line drawing of my prime focuses, nature and women. The line drawing will lead the eye and leave room for the viewer to wander with their imagination. It will be off white with ultramarine blue or a deep black. The lines will lead the eye and allow the viewers imagination to participate. Please be advised that this is a rough sketch to give the idea of composition. Lines will be more refined.
  • 2021

The Common Loon


Yalda Sepahpour

Born in 1995 in Tehran, Iran, Yalda Sepahpour vividly remembers the wildlife and nature surrounding her. After moving to the US in 2014, she noticed how some strands of Western feminism take on a more crude tone. Instead of looking at the limitations of womanhood, Sepahpour offers a fresh view of the female condition as exuding an energy that is at once powerful yet delicate, forceful yet graceful alongside the beauty and fragility of femininity. From a young age she sought to express artistically what she saw as a space where woman and her natural habitat coexist in harmony; where the contours of the female body are reciprocated by forms and figures found in nature. Primarily through oil painting, but with many etchings, watercolors, linocuts and drawings along the way, Yalda’s budding vision acquired deep sensibility and quickly flourished into a compassionate reflection on the ever-expanding subject of femininity and its position in nature. The sheer size of her paintings exude a potency that demands to be seen, and envelopes the viewer: they are penetrative by nature. She puts this force to use by painting wildlife in extinction as a means to spark dialogue about our urgent role to preserve our interrelation with our habitat. She was still in the process of completing her art studies in Laguna College of Art and Design when she began painting as a full-time profession, and at each occasion superseded expectations which generated a higher demand for her work. As a result, her works now feature in prominent collections on an international scale.

Public Location

Hamel Mini Park (August 6 - September 6, 2021)

Permanent Home

Alliance College-Ready Middle Academy 8 (Delivered Fall 2021)

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