Artist Statement: This “console” piano I painted is in honor of my sister, whose work as an interior designer increased people’s quality of life through the environments in which they lived. I am thrilled to participate in the Sing for Hope Pianos project because they work to do the same – to bring comfort and happiness to those who are touched by their volunteer programs in music and the arts. In my regular studio practice, I join contrasting concepts to create a beautiful middle ground. This cheerful design – a juxtaposition of bold stripes and images of lush flowers – is based on the peonies, roses and ivy that adorned my sister’s casket at her funeral. My sister designed her beloved interior spaces in her house in sophisticated pinks and greens, so I am reclaiming these shades of olive, seafoam, mint, coral, sprout, blush, olive, and salmon to make a jubilant artwork that will enrich others’ quality of life through Sing for Hope’s mission to make art accessible to all. In this combination of personal grief and public delight, my hope is that this piano encourages you to discover beauty in unexpected places – increasing joy in your own living space.
  • 2016



Charis J. Carmichael Braun

Charis J. Carmichael Braun grew up in New Ulm, MN. She earned her MFA from the New York Academy of Art. Her artwork is bound to themes about projection and vulnerability drawing from her familial relationships. Presenting quietly assertive solitary figures, Charis bases the story in the painting from the person’s life and the relationship she has with them. Sifting through desire and fear, Charis combines concepts which she feels are mutually exclusive (such as attraction/repulsion, masculine/feminine). Analyzed together in a painted image she blends these opposites so that it is difficult to see where one begins and another ends. Her artwork has been exhibited nationally and internationally and may be found in both private and public collections. She works currently as the Director of Communications at The League Residency at Vyt, (The Art Students League of New York). She has served on two NYC not-for-profits: as a board member for Spark and Echo Arts and also as the President of the Alumni Association of the New York Academy of Art. Charis lives and works in the Hudson Valley, New York.

Public Location

Cathedral of St. John the Divine (June 9 - 19, 2016)

Permanent Home

Renaissance HS for Musical Theater and Technology (Delivered Fall 2016)

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