Artist Statement: Working nearby ground zero, i could not help but re-experience the day of 9/11 which took place during my last year of high school when i lived in NYC. One of my first associations to this horrific event was the blue sky I experienced that day. So instead of following my initial concept to rework my piano into a heart of veins and arteries of laces on a background of brown wood, i had the need to bring in my immediate associations and feelings. I began to paint my piano with different shades of blue, transforming it into a sky analogous to that of the blue sky i experienced on 9/11 in NYC . I used laces to create an emotional cloud symbolizing the network of memories, and emotions which are traveling all over the globe, in the form of clouds. These emotional clouds are helping , like music, to transform traumas into something more positive and are joining us together on a collective level. The lace clouds are created as a collage, creating an assemblage of various pieces of laces and dollies collected by me from all around the world from various flea markets, some of the laces also being donated to me by various friends. I keep all the laces in the same state as i find then, each revealing and composing its own story, together sown into a bigger constellation they form a collective story. As such, this can also be seen as a recycled cloud, formed out of recycled laces and dollies. My lace works made of thousands of knots and loops express the idea of inter-connectedness and webbing, which is part of us humans, inside our souls and bodies as a biological as well as spiritual phenomenon. We are not just what we see; we are many past generations, feelings, memories and beliefs. These are transported not only by our genes, but also by us being a part of the collective unconscious through dreams, wishes and beliefs, in our hope to attain ‘Eden’ and Eternity – the state of realization of the triptych of LOVE, BELIEF and HOPE.
  • 2016

Etude ABOVE Ground Zero


Eva Petric

Public Location

Castle Clinton National Monument (June 9 - 19, 2016)

Permanent Home

PS 33 (Delivered Fall 2016)

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