Artist Statement: The piano represents the white and pearl life that we all lead. As you see it is not smooth, on the contrary it is a flowing texture and mix of hues of white and grey. Starting at the foot of the piano, the black squares, illustrate the hardships that we face. Scattered and clustered together, they almost seem impossible to manipulate and penetrate through. They begin to disperse the farther up the piano we go, until a sparkle of pearl white and sun yellow shines through. There is always ‘Hope for Tomorrow’, and no matter how dark and long the tunnel may be, light will shine at the end.
  • 2016

Hope For Tomorrow


Georges Chakra

Georges Chakra, a creative and eclectic artist, has lent his mind to the fashion world creating a modern, feminine, and confident allure. As a fashion and interior designer, sketch artist and painter, Georges Chakra has mirrored all the facets of his self into his unique collections. An artistic mind with an essential need for perfection and attentiveness to detail, Chakra creates fluid art through cuts, embroidery, and prints that radiate confidence and modernity. Beginning his work in a war-clad Beirut, after his graduation from Canada, Chakra set up his small working studio within the living room of his home, sketching, and sewing the garments himself. In the Fall of 2002, Georges Chakra expanded his workshop to Paris for the Haute Couture Fashion Week, debuting his first collection on the French runway. In February 2009, Chakra launched Edition by Georges Chakra, a luxurious ready-to-wear line, which was presented in New York, as part of the official Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. This collection was an extension of the couture, captivating the female confidence, glamour, and sophistication. Chakra’s brand signature combines elaborate and intricate back details coupled with modern and bold fabrics. “The back is my canvas, it expresses women’s motion and emotion with strength and certainty” Chakra says. With a fresh eye, sophisticated allure, and an evolving style, Georges Chakra continuously unveils his aesthetic concepts through his Couture shows during Paris Fashion Week.

Public Location

28 Liberty Plaza (June 9 - 19, 2016)

Permanent Home


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