Artist Statement: My work deals with the transient nature of life and humanity’s conflicting desire to preserve places and moments in time. I depict deterioration in my prints and collages through the use of vintage materials and by damaging the surfaces. Life is fleeting, a passing moment in time. I constantly circle back to art and ephemera that illustrate nature encroaching on one’s memories and possessions. Corner after corner in New York City, everyday objects, once loved and cared for, stand abandoned. Botanical illustrations and photographs have been printed and collaged onto the piano using wheat paste to bring new life to the object.Nature is truly allowed to overtake the piano by utilizing recycled paper and an organic adhesive. Throughout the two weeks of public placement, the piece will be allowed to slowly recede into it’s surrounding environment. As time passes, it is my hope that new, shared memories may be formed over this piano. Once the piano receives a home, nature will be allowed to once again breech the indoors. Through this piece I hope to make visible the brevity of life and the inevitable loss of memories and objects we hold dear.
  • 2016

The Wayside Rose


Jamie WIlen

Public Location

Queens County Farm Museum (June 9 - 19, 2016)

Permanent Home

East West High School (Delivered Fall 2016)

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