Artist Statement: A tribute to pianist and savant Olga Samaroff who was active in early 20th century New York City, long forgotten in contemporary culture.
  • 2016

Tribute to Olga Samaroff


Ali Printz

Ali Printz is a historical figurative painter and curator based out of Bushwick, Brooklyn. Her work pulls from vintage photograph, color theory, fashion, and reworking identities of unknown subjects. She works with various mediums including oil, acrylic, collage, printmaking techniques as well as sewn fabric, and most recently video installation. Ali also runs a curatorial and artistic collective with artist and fellow Sotheby’s alum Jenna Gard, known as NewYorkKillsArtists, which showcases the work of unrepresented, Brooklyn-based artists. She has shown her work at several galleries and artist-run spaces in NYC as well as both nationally and internationally in public spaces. Her recent projects include a public art piece for the Faberge Big Egg Hunt in New York City in 2014, her first solo show in 2015 entitled “Fabric of History” at Gallery Rene Mele, and most recently the “Cityseats” project for the New York Yankees and the Sing For Hope Pianos project in 2016 Ali was born in West Virginia and considers herself an Appalachian artist. She has lived and worked in Spain, Panama, and Washington, D.C, before moving to New York City for graduate school. She received her BFA in Painting and a BA in Art History from West Virginia University in 2009 and an MA in Contemporary Art from Sotheby’s Institute of Art in 2012.

Public Location

Old Stone House (June 9 - 19, 2016)

Permanent Home

I.S. 392 (Delivered Fall 2016)

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