• 2013



Maxine Nienow

Maxine Nienow is a Mexican painter-turned-photographer, art director, and set designer with a passion for examining life through the lens of beauty and light. Maxine explores the world seeking ways to show the humanity, culture and essence of people through creative imagery.

With an emphasis on portraiture, Maxine creates environments where the subject feels free to express themselves fully, resulting in unique and vibrant artwork that shows aspects of their true personality.

Her training as a painter and ability to put people at ease allows Maxine to make images that bring forward the true essence of their subject. Whether in vibrant works of meticulously composited fantasy or beautiful images representing you or your brand, Maxine brings her talents as a full service photographer to every project in which she engages.

Piano History

Public Location

Times Square (June 1 - 16, 2013)

Permanent Home

CABS Nursing Home (Delivered Fall 2013)

This Sing for Hope Piano was made possible in part by Chobani.