Artist Statement: The design for this piano is a heart mosaic centered on the front panel. The “mosaic” will be multiple textures and various shades of paint (of the red variety) creating a layering effect. The pieces holding this heart together represent the multifaceted positive energy that holds us together in times of need. The heart will be set against a solid background and the side panels of the piano will be a large mandala of abstract shapes pulling from the colors in the heart, the shapes on the side panels represent both the chaos and serenity that surround us in this city. It is an offering of love, comfort, joy, or even just a smile. The inspiration for this piece comes from a visit to my dad in the hospital after his open heart surgery. When he was finally able to sit up in a chair he was clutching a big heart shaped pillow that the docs had given him. I think those pillows are meant to help with pressure and breathing but looking at that heart all I could think of was all love and positive energy pouring in from near and far that got my family and I thru a very long nerve-frying couple of days. We paint these pianos to share the art, the music, and the joy with everyone. With this piano I hope to share the love and positive energy that was shared with me when I needed it most.
  • 2016



Henya Emmer

Public Location

Marion Hopkinson Park (June 9 - 19, 2016)

Permanent Home

High School for Contemporary Arts 11x544 (Delivered Fall 2016)

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