• 2023

Golden Hour


James Hsieh
James Hsieh earned his MFA in Fine Arts from Parsons the New School for Design in 2017 and majored Art and Design in undergrate in Yuan Zi university. Growing up in the countryside of Taiwan, he spent his childhood roaming his grandfather’s farmland and got inspired from the nature. In his current art practices, he transforms soft felt, textile and fabric into solid sculptures that ultimately become large-scale installation. James worked as a creative director in Wonder World pop up show in 2019. His works have been shown at The Armory Show (New York), Spring Break Art Show(New York), Crossing Art (New York), Westbeth Gallery (New York), Children Museum of Manhattan (New York), MC Gallery (New York), Queens Crossing Plaza (New York), Untitled Space (New York), Annmarie Sculpture Garden (Dowell), National Sculpture Society (Murrells), White Rabbit Gallery (Sydney), Songshan Cultural and Creative Park (Taipei) and many more.

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Herbert von King Park

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