Artist Statement: I find myself using the term Art for All all year around now. When someone is moved by or connects with a piece of my art I often find myself using that term. As a multimedia artist my art is diverse, During my open studios clients will walk through my studio and often comment about all my different styles. I like to make art for all. The buttons have a particularly broad appeal as we all know buttons, they are approachable and familiar. There is nothing intimidating about buttons. All of us know buttons.
  • 2019

Circles of Hope


Tracy Crane

Texture, color, and contrast drive my creativity. As a mixed media artist, I like to make art that might make someone tilt their head and furrow their brow. I strive to bring up a memory or create one. I live in rural central Massachusetts and display my art throughout the state and NYC with the Sing for Hope Piano Project. Finding different ways to express myself through unconventional mediums allows me to explore boundaries and sometimes push my way through them.

Piano History

Public Location

Lilia Restaurant Plaza (June 3 - 23, 2019)

Permanent Home

East Williamsburg Scholars Academy (Delivered Fall 2019)