Artist Statement: For the theme of my piano I have chosen to depict an urban setting, one that will be immediately recognizable by both local residents and tourists. It is based on my Cityscapes Series, an urban setting that is a colorful and playful display of the different architectures and shapes that characterize a city. The effect I hope to achieve is to offer people a brief respite from their busy lives, to make them aware of the magic and wonder of the city, which I feel is too often taken for granted. If I can simply bring a smile to their faces, I will consider the project a complete success.
  • 2019



Addy Balajadia

I started painting in the late ‘90’s at Hunter College, where I graduated with a B.A. in Studio Art and Psychology. From there, I continued taking art classes at the Educational Alliance and The Art Students League. In 2015 I graduated from Pratt Institute with a Masters degree in Art Therapy. I first began selling my paintings in Union Square, but have since moved on to doing commissions and participating in various group art shows around New York City. I enjoy drawing and painting in oils, acrylics and watercolors. A large body of my work comes from memory and my imagination, an approach that I feel allows me to draw from a more organic source and experiment with different colors and brushstrokes, while in the last year I’ve found myself experimenting with portrait painting.

Public Location

Industry City (June 3 - 23, 2019)

Permanent Home

PS 217 Colonel David Marcus School (Delivered Fall 2019)

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