Artist Statement: I have a neurological disorder called Spasmodic Dysphonia which makes it so, at times, I am unable to speak. I have written a book about my struggle to find my voice in the world while being unable to speak. My piano design is a message encouraging people to have the courage to find their voice. My piano would be painted with playful acrylic paint colors and light hearted cartoon designs. The entire piano is done with vibrant block coloring in shades of: pink, aqua, red, orange, and blue to name a few. The bottom front of the piano shows a woman without a mouth. The upper front portion of the piano shows a mouth with piano keys for teeth. The side of the piano say “Find Your Voice.” The back of the piano shows a man chasing after a mouth with legs and piano keys for teeth. There are dancing mouths on the back of the piano.
  • 2019

Find Your Voice


Tatham Smith

“I am a NYC based artist and writer. I’ve been a member of Pleiades Gallery for 15 years. I had solo and groups shows every year for ten years. My work is colorful Pop Art type works and darkly sarcastic portraits.

I took a sabbatical from painting to write a memoir called Mom is on the Roof about how losing my ability to speak helped me find my voice. My book shows how we need to love ourselves despite our hardships and perceived shortcomings.

I met Camille Zamora who told me Sing for Hope’s mission is to help people find their voice. I found this exciting because that is exactly what I want to do. I based one of my design options (I include three) specifically on this idea.

I wrote my book with the hope of helping others by telling them of my journey and I’d like to do the same by painting one of your pianos.

Thank you for this opportunity.”

Piano History

Public Location

Juniper Valley Park (June 3 - 23, 2019)

Permanent Home

Collaborative Arts Middle School (Delivered Fall 2019)