Artist Statement: Galactic Lullaby was made to inspire, to soothe the human condition, to transport the player and the listeners to another space. We can travel light years, swim in unknown waters, and float among the stars we when we let the music wash over us.
  • 2019

Galactic Lullaby


Morgan Winter

Morgan is a New York City native, and works out of her studio in Bushwick. She is a multi-disciplinary, self-taught visual artist who has extensive practice with pen & ink illustration, site specific mural work, and painting. Her work continues to evolve as she continues to experiment, collaborate, and incorporate different mediums and techniques. This includes photography, fiber art, soft sculpture, digital drawing and painting, and augmented reality. She has exhibited her work in galleries across the US in several different events and exhibits, including the Seventh Letter Los Angeles, SOFA Chicago, and several galleries and festivals in NYC.

Piano History

Public Location

Fordham Plaza, Park Avenue between East 189th Street and Third Avenue, Bronx

Permanent Home

This Sing for Hope Piano will be delivered to a public school, healthcare facility, or community center to inspire lives for years to come.