Artist Statement: The piano entitled “Life in Technicolor” portraits how music can bring color and hope to life. The wide spectrum of colors creates a unique piece full of life which catches the attention of the eye instantly. The different tones and shades play with each other moving from one place to another almost like a dance between light and darkness.
  • 2019

Life in Technicolor


Sebastian Kauderer

Sebastian Kauderer is most well known as an award winner composer that has created the soundtrack for many films, TV shows, documentaries and advertising campaigns working in productions from all over the world. As a pianist he has toured around the globe performing with many of the most prestigious musicians. In the last decade he became more involved with his painting exposing in different galleries and venues in Argentina and USA. He has developed his own style and technique using music and the human body as the medium for his craft. Most of his work is considered cathartic with heavy strokes and splatters that resemble the sudden movements of an orchestral conductor; the lines and shapes that convey the language of improvisation and the wide spectrum of color which reflect the tones of the musical landscapes. Using acrylic on canvas as his main scenario, the artist is not afraid to use new platforms and he is constantly exploring other media and mediums to express his creativity

Public Location

New York Public Library Main Branch (June 3 - 23, 2019)

Permanent Home

PS 042 The Claremont Community School (Delivered Fall 2019)

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