Artist Statement: “Love is in Your Hands” is a homage to the artists and staff of Sing for Hope who have been my second family and creative home for the past 7 years. It was created to give physical form and substance to the love, talent, and generosity of all the people who make this project possible year after year. I asked the artists and staff to meditate on their hands as a conduit for creativity and connection and then tell me about their relationship to their hands in their life and work. I also asked them to tell me what gifts they wished (or felt they already had) to both give and receive through working on the SFH Pianos. The responses ultimately boiled down to love in action – a desire to give moments of love, joy, hope, belonging, and possibility to all. This piano is made of layers of that love – their words, their hands, and images of hands creating symbols of love, surrounded by radiant color. May the love we express through our hands help you see the love you have in yours.
  • 2019

Love is in Your Hands


Jessica Browne-White

Public Location

Shore Road Park (June 3 - 23, 2019)

Permanent Home

PS 204 Vince Lombardi (Delivered Fall 2019)

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