Artist Statement: The benefit professionally and personally is that my art is out in the world in a way that people can not only see it but also interact with it. My hope is that it will inspire the people of the community the piano is in, to play, touch, or decide to draw, paint, or create something of their own. To do something that will make them smile. Being accepted would also give me an opportunity to connect with other artists and to see how they create, make art, as well as be an influence on my style. My personal style is one that is based on traditional henna patterns and designs, but over the years it has changed to incorporate ideas, shapes, styles that I have learned in school, as well as from artists who art inspires me. I look forward to that because it helps me be a better artist. Professionally, this would make my teaching and facilitation practice stronger. I teach classes around visual arts and ‘maker’ where my students create art that is interactive for their peers and community to use and be a part of. I facilitate museum experiences that get visitors thinking through challenges and trying crazy ideas to make solutions to problems that interest them. I see the Sing for Hope Piano as an opportunity for me to go through a design process that I can take back to my work and share with my students and visitors to encourage them to plan, to make, to create, but most of all to share what they do with everyone.
  • 2019

Mermaid Tales


Satbir Multani

“Satbir is a dabbler, learner, and hacker-of-trades in many art forms, from doing henna and creating stories from the patterns, to digital design through code and graphics, to woodworking and fabrication the list goes on and on. She’s constantly trying to mix art and design to create things that are beautiful, functional, and shows others that they can do it too.
Satbir received her masters from NYU Tisch where she studied emerging technologies and how to make them accessible through science, engineering, and art. She works with youth in Queens, and The Bronx to facilitate opportunities to be creative within engineering via interactive museum exhibitions, research, and artist residencies.
When she isn’t in the middle of a project you can find her in one of two places, snuggled up on a comfy couch reading or at the boxing gym going round after round to perfect her sidekick!”

Piano History

Public Location

Midland Beach Boardwalk (June 3 - 23, 2019)

Permanent Home

District 20 Pre-K Center (Delivered Fall 2019)