Artist Statement: I think that my piano is the perfect way to connect way to connect to the community. We live in a time where we have to make large strives in order to save the environment. I hope that my piano reminds people how beautiful nature is and that they should be more conscious of decisions that they make. I hope that people see my piano and think, “we must preserve the Earth before it loses all its beauty and animals.”
  • 2019



Cory Tyler

Cory Tyler is a multi-media self-taught artist who practices at ArTech, a Bronx community based art studio funded by AHRC NYC. Cory has been researching and working on the theme of nature for the last thirty years. He has exhibited in Montefiore hospital, Blue Door Art Gallery, Williams Cafe, and Kelly Street Garden. Cory participated in creating the mural at Latinos Unidos Garden commissioned by NYC Parks Green Thumb earlier this year. His specialty lies in creating a virtual zoo-world using the Virtual Reality Program. Cory’s love for dinosaurs, nature, History books and shows comes through in this lively, electric drawing. He often visits The Natural History Museum, much of what he sees there is clearly visible throughout Cory’s work.

Piano History

Public Location

Minthorne Open Street at Tompkinsville Station, Staten Island

Permanent Home