Artist Statement: The piano itself is a beautiful form, a machine delicately filled with organized pieces to create an endless combination of sounds. Similarly, New York City is a loaded mass of bits and fragments that collide, blend, and organize in wildly creative ways. This piece is a high-contrast celebration of piano’s pure shape as well as the gorgeous overload of city life. The red is the city as a low-hanging cloud, a cluster of chatter and thoughts, a loud blast of layered structures and lives lived. The white is the empty space to breathe, a respite from the noise, a moment to appreciate form alone.
  • 2019

Red Thought Cluster


Julia Cocuzza

Born and raised in Reading, Pennsylvania, Julia Cocuzza is a Brooklyn-based painter, muralist, designer, print maker, and educator. She is most interested in the intersection of public art and education, leading projects with organizations such as Groundswell, NYC Mural Arts Project, and (of course) Sing For Hope. Her paintings capture the loaded intersections, layers, and fragments of daily living, with a particular affection for urban structures and systems, human interaction, music, and obsolete media. She received a BFA from Syracuse University and MFA from Brooklyn College, as well as artist residencies from Prairie Center for the Arts and Wassaic Art Project.

Public Location

Lowery Plaza: 40th St at Queens Boulevard, Queens

Permanent Home

This Sing for Hope Piano will be delivered to a public school, healthcare facility, or community center to inspire lives for years to come.

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