Artist Statement: My Sing for Hope project is titled “The Lightness of Bubbles.” The pattern that I have used is one that I would see during my meditation practice. I began to drawer the patterns using colored pencils. The medium expanded to paints as I began working on the piano assigned to me. I believe the pattern, in its painted form, has helped to bring a deeper dimension to the design/pattern and also bring forward or enhance the piano’s shape and curves as well.
  • 2019

The Lightness of Bubbles


Eugenia D'Ambrosio

Eugenia D’Ambrosio is a New York based photographer, visual and performing artist who is also a native New Yorker. One aspect of Eugenia’s work focuses on the unique communities of the City, the joys of Coney Island, Jane’s Carousel and wherever people gather to play and just experience the joys and life of New York City. She also focuses her camera on Family stories, Memories and Health issues and how best to bring the people alive for the viewer.

Piano History

Public Location

Conference House (June 3 - 23, 2019)

Permanent Home

PS 56 The Louis Desario School (Delivered Fall 2019)