Artist Statement: The inspiration for my piano is from Gustav Klimt, whose artwork is the primary focus at NYC’s NEUE Gallery. Klimt’s family was poor. His father was a gold engraver and his mother an unsuccessful musical performer. Klimt was one of seven children, and one of three boys who exhibited the seeds of artistic genius at a young age. However, it was Gustav who was chosen to receive professional instruction in art. During his lifetime Klimt struggled to make a living. He made most of his income through commissions by Jewish patrons. Because of that, many of his painting ended up with the Nazis during World War II. Following the war some of his artwork was destroyed a bulk of it was placed in local museums. Later, some of the original owners/heirs of his artwork filed legal action to regain possession of Klimt’s work, most notably the Altman family. Since Klimt’s death there’s been a constant struggle to bring his art to the people. Currently much of it is on display at prominent museums around the world, including the NEUE, in New York City. The struggle to bring Klimt’s art to the people is symbolic of the the mission of Sing for Hope, ART FOR ALL.
  • 2019

The Nature of Mother


Bridget Wendt

Public Location

Kaufman Arts Center (June 3 - 23, 2019)

Permanent Home

PS 65 Mother Hale Academy (Delivered Fall 2019)

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