Artist Statement: The artwork on the piano highlights the sensibility of New York’s cityscape. The design paints the abstractions of urban space, woven with color and light, as inspired by common architectural elements in the city like arches, windows, and fire escapes. These elements invite viewers to imagine a better future by engaging our sensibility and emotion in the open. When the painted piano placed in a school or a healthcare facility, I hope my artwork can connect different human experiences with harmony and hope. I believe color has healing power, and I hope my artwork will also bring comfort to those using the healthcare setting.
  • 2019

Urban Harmony


King Yan "Fina" Yeung

I was born in Hong Kong, currently living and working in New York City. Prior moving to the United States, I was living on the Pacific island of Guam. The experience of living in different cultural spaces have deeply influenced my creative practices. I often fall in love with architecture. It tells stories of a place or a city. Sometimes the story is about human struggle; sometimes is about emotional connection. My sensibility has been shaped by the architectural imagination. In my recent work, I use recycled cardboard as the canvas for painting and sculpture, expressing a sense of displacement and resettlement inherent in urban life.

Piano History

Public Location

28 Liberty Plaza (June 3 - 23, 2019)

Permanent Home

This Sing for Hope Piano will be delivered to a public school, healthcare facility, or community center to inspire lives for years to come.

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