Artist Statement: The piano was painted by Art Director TJ McCoy, accomplished graphic designer and graduate of New York’s prestigious Cooper Union. The artwork is an adaptation of an original Stetson advertisement painted at the height of the Golden Age of Illustration (artist unknown).
  • 2015

Stetson Styles


Bulova Stetson Fund

The Bulova Stetson Fund’s mission emerged from a wish to help physically disabled soldiers returning from the Second World War. The Fund was a pioneer in revealing the huge and unexpected capabilities of physically disabled people who, as a category, had previously been regarded as beyond rescue.

Largely as a result of the Fund and other similar efforts, people with physical disabilities–amputees, paraplegics, visually-impaired, etc.–were finally given the opportunity to live full lives and exceed expectations.

The Fund received its initial capital through the generosity of watchmaker Ardè Bulova and Ira Guilden, late chairman of the John B. Stetson Company. It continues to receive almost all of its support from Stetson and continues to grow. It has expanded its definition of disability to include not only wounded casualties of war, but also non-military persons, including children, dealing with physical, emotional and social handicaps.

The Fund is pleased to support Sing For Hope with its gift of a piano.

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Permanent Home

Hudson Guild

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