Artist Statement: Nature provides all the answers. It is balance, flow, love, contentment, rhythm, color, and music. And nature has no rules, only love. Inside Nature, if we can be quiet enough to listen we may notice that the Music is everywhere. Music is Everywhere. There are keys along the tops of the mountains and along every path. We each create our own path. Each key is a vibration and a step along the way in this journey we call life. Music is the way. Each sound, each step, is a vibration that ripples out in every direction. Like waves in the ocean, I believe every thought, intention, and action is a colorful vibration that ripples out. There ripples are infinite, beautiful, and unique just like each and every one of us. So I choose music, color, love, and joy to lead the way. This concept was inspired by the song “Let Me Fly” by singer/songwriter Blake Whyte.
  • 2015

Music is the Way


Deanna Aguinaga

Public Location

Highbridge Park Recreation Center (June 5 - 21, 2015)

Permanent Home

Baltic Street Resource and Wellness Center (Delivered Fall 2015)

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